Andrea González Ruiz

Since my childhood I remember that I drew very often, which awakened in me an interest

in the visual arts. 


Thus began the emotional inclination which over time has strengthened and expanded,

eventually becoming a passion that has led me to continue my studies at the Beaux-Arts.


After many years dedicated to painting, I decided to try other forms of expression such

as new technologies and got a Master of Fine Arts in Madrid.

I worked for several years as well as a graphic designer while continuing to paint, these two complementary activities are ultimately

two similar forms of "manual creation."


As soon as I knew I was expecting a little girl, I looked for inspiration to decorate her room with paintings.
I immediately thought to create a character of a little girl, to represent childhood, dreams and fantasies, nature and love for animals ...

all these fabulous experiences that little girls can live (luckily).


Hence I threw myself into the creation of this little imaginary idyllic world that, we moms ourselves have lived at a time of our

childhood. Based on this idea, I tried to reproduce this universe in each of the works of the "Small World of Zoe."


Feel free to leave me a comment to let me know your thoughts or suggestions on the drawings and / or the website.


Thank you and see you soon!

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